Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whats really the point?

Now a disclaimer before I start my rant... I am not Catholic, Methodist,Presby, Lutheran, Baptist.. basically I am not affiliated with an organized religion. I grew up in the Methodist church and remained there until I got married 11 years ago. At that point my husband and I decided to pull up our roots at our respective churches and go 'rogue' so to speak. We now belong to a Non Denomonational church which we love and attend regularly.
Now onto todays rant.
So I've been reading about alot of people on Facebook saying "gotta take the kids to CCD classes". Now thats great you are taking your children for classes about religion. BUT.. Whats the point? Most of these people do not attend church on any regular basis and may only attend for the 2 "important" times of year. Which are Christmas and Easter. Now why these are important times in the Christian religion it also acts as a "show". People like to use these 2 holidays to show that I do care about my religion thats why I'm here. While I'm glad that they at least attend that perticular, what about the other 50 or 51 other Sunday's out of the year? Now here is my point.
What is the point of sending your child to CCD classes and getting their Holy Communion when you never persue their religious education/teachings any further. Basically why do you send them to these classes when you don't take them to church but maybe 1 or 2 times a year. Seems kinda pointless dosen't it? I understand that it is a "right of passage" in the Catholic church, but isn't it like the old adage "do as I say not as I do"? You tell your child that they need to learn all this stuff and never actually do anything with it. Thats like saving up money to buy a new car , buying it, and just letting it sit in the driveway. If you never intend to attend church with your children that is your opinion, but then why send them for this education and then never let them flurish after getting it. Im not going to get into my opinion on organized religion (I'll save that for a rainy day). Oh and No I'm not a saint and I will be the first to tell you that. But I sincerely believe that you at least you give your children the option to attend church if they would like. Even if you (as a parent or guardian) don't want to take them, I'm sure someone else (grandparent, neighbor, aunt/uncle) would. Let them decide for themselves .