Friday, October 31, 2008

It was a hockey night in Ford City!!

So last night was a first but definately not a last for me. Brandon and I attended the home opener of the Ford City Hockey team. We royally spanked Ligoneer Valley's asses with a score of 8-5. There was even a fight, well the LV player just tore into one of F.C.'s players and was promptly kicked out of the game.2 kick ass goals were scored, I saw Clifford the Red Dog and I got my first experience of "Hockey Moms". I would suggest that you go to the next game and take it in. It's only $3.00 to get in also!!! But dress warm it gets pretty damn cold in there. Going to shower... bye

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bling Bling

So tonights mission is to get some jewelry made. I have a show to do on Sunday at the C.U. club, and I got a call today to do a show at Divine Redeemer next month. So I have alot of work to do within the next few days/weeks. Good thing I went to the bead store the other day . So thats it for today, I'm finishing dinner and then it's off to the basement. Ta ta for today.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The rivalry continues

So tonight was the Ford City-Kittanning football game. And of course Ford City kicked Kitt's ass. It was quite brisk and rained a little but otherwise I survived and now have a bigger hate for Kittannings band. They decided to block off the section in front of the bleachers so no one could walk in front of them. So tomorrow is the big dance at the Latin American club!!! Excited to unveil my costume but need some hair and makeup time. I will post pics Sunday morning. Going to get ready for bed got a busy morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

and... back to work

So after 2 days of being sick I went back to work today. OF course there were 2 cars waiting for me at 850. One of whom said "oh must be nice to have a day off work", mind you he is retired so he dosent work and he has no idea why the hell I wasent at work yesterday. I hate people that jump to conclusions. Other than that ... I feel great. I think since I can't really say this was the stomach flu I will take it as Gods way of telling me to chill out and take a day off work. So I am doing a little of everything tonight. Came home to some leftovers that B made last night, made a little scarf (not really happy how it turned out though), put my summer shoes away :*( , and put a few other things away. I need to start working on some things for a craft show on the 2nd at the CU club. So now Im going to chill and watch some "Whatever Martha". Oh and by the way I finally decided on a costume for Saturday night!!!! Amy Winehouse! I got the "rehab" wig and will be putting on several tattoo's and topping off the outfit with track mark lines. I am really hoping that I can find a bar to go sing karaoke at and sing some Amy. So found a new episode of Whatever Martha so see you later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

well ... yuck

so Im at home on a Tuesday which can only mean one thing. I am sick. Yesterday morning I woke up with a terrible stomach ache, well not so much a stomach ache but it felt like my tummy was as hard as a rock. At one point I couldn't decide wether or not I wanted to poop or puke.
So I slept from 12-130 then 4-6 then 10-8. I am fully rested but my stomach feels the same as it did yesterday morning so I think I will call my neighbor and see what he thinks about it. So Im catching up on some stuff as much as I can without over doing it. Hopefully I will feels better by tomorrow so I can go back to work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Oh happy day! After 2 long months of planning, today was the Holiday Craft Market. I had 20 tables of crafters and a very nice crowd of people. I think everyone bought at least one thing, and everyone seemed to be happy. I came home immediately and took a long nap and plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning and catching up on Alot of things tomorrow. Well Im cutting it short today and will post on something a little more interesting tomorrow.

Monday, October 6, 2008


So I had a crazy weekend. Saturday morning my father,sister,aunt, and I embarked on a journey. Well just to McGrann. My great aunt T is ready to turn 89 in a few days and has let her house get WAY out of hand. We took it upon ourselves to get all of the crap out of the house and clean up. I started at 8 am and had to leave at 4 due to another engagement but could've stayed another couple of hours. In the process of the day I managed to lock my keys in the truck with the truck running. Damn it. So I went from there to serving a class reunion at the firehall. Then yesterday morning I again woke up at 7am (which is earlier than when I work) and returned to the firehall to make applebutter. All was going well until we were pouring it into jars. Then it happened. Stupid me I was holding the jar pouring boiling hot applebutter into it when I got it on my thumb. See gross photos now:

It's not as bad as it looks but it has a hell of a big blister since last night. there were 2 but it morphed overnight into 1 big one. Im going to look online to see if it's ok to pop it cuz it hurts to bend it. So going to get off the chair and get myself ready to go for lunch with the "Slavs" who consist of Grandma, Aunt Paula, and Great-Aunt Theresa. So wish me luck on the blister.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh my

So it has been a whirlwind week. I am slowly getting things finalized with the craft market and am very happy with all the different vendors that will be attending. My family is getting ready to help out my great aunt this weekend. My aunt T will be 89 years old next week and she is slowly losing it. Her husband died in 1994 and ever since she has done nothing with her house. Literally. After the last wind storm a few weeks ago, chunks of her garage roof flew off. Being that the garage has not been used for anything except housing the lawnmower and snowblower my father and I decided to get it torn down. Wednesday I had a guy from Vandergrift come in and give an estimate. "well I can do it for 2,000.00" Seriously. I dont freakin think so. So another call to a Kittanning company and a 20 minute meeting got me a price of $800.00 . I rock. So tomorrow is Homecoming in Ford City!! The gang will be tailgating at the field after work until kickoff. Should be interesting. Go Sabers!!! I now have a new favorite tv show. "Whatever Martha" . I think it's on W.E. network. It is Martha Stewarts daughter Alexis and her friend Jennifer. Basically the premis of the show is that they watch old segments of Martha and commentate on everything. Hilarious. They usually do one craft-along segment which always ends up with something flying through the air. watch it, you will laugh. K, so Im going to watch Betty and chill.