Thursday, January 6, 2011


so I realized last night around 1030pm that I forgot to post. I'll blame is on the Penguins whopping on the Lightning 8-1. So I can't wait till next week!! We (husband and I) are headed to Hawaii to see my bro-in-law. We haven't been on a plane together for many years and it worries me what Brandon will do with the new security precautions. lol I have visions of him mouthing off and getting tasered. I however just checked and found the following items that I am not allowed to Carry on that really ticks me off.
*cricket bats
*Pen Knives
*Pool Cues
*Road Flares
*Stun Guns
*Tear Gas
Do I really need to break down why someone would actually need to take these on a trip. yes i do.
*Cricket Bats: ok so if your English or Australian and play professional cricket thats one thing, but just for something that you might do on a vacation thats a little extreme.
*Dynamite: If you are Yo Samitty Sam yes you should be able to take I would guess these people trying to take dynamite are headed to Arkansas or Alabama, has 2 teeth and is named Larry who has a brother named Darryl and another brother Darryl.
*Pen Knives: honestly I don't know what this even is. I am assuming that this is a James Bond device that is meant for human annihiliation. And if it is chances are that James Bond wants to use it on the plane. Hey as long as you do it in the bathroom and there's another one available I'm fine with that.
*Pool Cues: ? Not sure about this one. I suppose if your professional and are in one of those cheesy professional pool leagues you need it. But this is a list of stuff that you Carry On. Yes they come apart and are easily able to be the size of a laptop but are you really going to whip it out and do some trick shots?
*Road Flares: being that these items are readily available at Walmart if not every gas station you really don't need to have this on your carry on or your regular luggage.
*Scredrivers: now if this is the alcoholic drink, absolutely they should be allowed. Chances that thats the way they mean it..slim to none. Once again as mentioned above these are readily available at a tacky flea market and don't need to be in luggage.
*Stun Guns and Tear Gas: these kind of go hand in hand and pretty much go with the above mentioned Pen Knives and James Bond.
So in conclusion when planning a trip don't plan on any wild times with road flares, stun guns or dynamite. No games using pool cues or cricket bats are to be played. Simply bring a book or play some solitare. And if a bathroom is being occupied for a lengthy period of time it's one of 2 things.. either someone is joining the milehigh club or James Bond took care of business.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what to say today?

So today was wild. I honestly didn't think I would be busy but I was extremely busy. So what to talk about today? The sh*t storm on facebook that ended up with my BFF being called the worst name a woman can be called. no. the jerk who wrote those things does not deserve to be acknowledged and is immediately being removed from my friends list. How about how one of my customers husbands brought me homemade alcohol? whats up with that. IDK. I guess it is writers block. I got a new tattoo last week. I can't wait until it's totally healed to take some pics. This is pretty much the only thing I've got tonight. sorry I can't be more exciting. Thinking on taking my sissy out for her bday on Saturday night since I'll be gone for her bday. hope this wasen't too boring of vague tonight. but just feeling drained. off to dream land. nighty night

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today was a good day.

Not only was this an awesome rap song many years ago, but reflects the day. Besides standing in line for God only knows how many minutes at the bank and Post office, I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends Courtney. I have know Courtney Brooke Bowser Heilman since approximately the age of 6. My earliest memories of her are from Girl Scouts then continued into school and continues to this very day. I have sooo many outrageous memories with her it's not even funny. Isn't it funny how we have friends forever in our lives and then suddenly the just dissappear off the radar. One case in particular a girl I met in pre-school , we were friends until this past spring. She just changed. The kind of change that just pisses most people off. Oh well. Back to "happy things" . I continually consider myself blessed that I have such awesome people in my life. I like to think of my "true friends" as those who would give up body parts without even flinching. Courtney is one of those people. Not including family I can only think of a handful of people that would be willing to do that for me and I am fine with that too. Well here's to the end of a Good Day! Thank You Courtney for being a friend for the past 25?? years! LOVE YOU!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Years Resolution

So it seems that my last few New Years Resolutions have been (like most Americans) to lose weight/get in shape. Now I could insert my sarcasm and say that round is a shape, but I won't. My resolution is to blog. I find that Facebook does relieve some stress, but when I really want to go on and on it becomes a problem. I vow to you (whoever you are) that I will blog on a regular basis. I would like to say that I'll do it everyday but that will never happen. I may even try my hand at progect 365, if your not familiar you basically just take a picture everyday for a year. Warning on cold wintery days when I don't leave the house this means you'll see lots of pictures of my dogs. So being that this is the 2nd of January , I guess I've already screwed up. lol Cheers to a new year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whats really the point?

Now a disclaimer before I start my rant... I am not Catholic, Methodist,Presby, Lutheran, Baptist.. basically I am not affiliated with an organized religion. I grew up in the Methodist church and remained there until I got married 11 years ago. At that point my husband and I decided to pull up our roots at our respective churches and go 'rogue' so to speak. We now belong to a Non Denomonational church which we love and attend regularly.
Now onto todays rant.
So I've been reading about alot of people on Facebook saying "gotta take the kids to CCD classes". Now thats great you are taking your children for classes about religion. BUT.. Whats the point? Most of these people do not attend church on any regular basis and may only attend for the 2 "important" times of year. Which are Christmas and Easter. Now why these are important times in the Christian religion it also acts as a "show". People like to use these 2 holidays to show that I do care about my religion thats why I'm here. While I'm glad that they at least attend that perticular, what about the other 50 or 51 other Sunday's out of the year? Now here is my point.
What is the point of sending your child to CCD classes and getting their Holy Communion when you never persue their religious education/teachings any further. Basically why do you send them to these classes when you don't take them to church but maybe 1 or 2 times a year. Seems kinda pointless dosen't it? I understand that it is a "right of passage" in the Catholic church, but isn't it like the old adage "do as I say not as I do"? You tell your child that they need to learn all this stuff and never actually do anything with it. Thats like saving up money to buy a new car , buying it, and just letting it sit in the driveway. If you never intend to attend church with your children that is your opinion, but then why send them for this education and then never let them flurish after getting it. Im not going to get into my opinion on organized religion (I'll save that for a rainy day). Oh and No I'm not a saint and I will be the first to tell you that. But I sincerely believe that you at least you give your children the option to attend church if they would like. Even if you (as a parent or guardian) don't want to take them, I'm sure someone else (grandparent, neighbor, aunt/uncle) would. Let them decide for themselves .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Items for sale..

Hey just cleaned out the bathroom closet and found some great stuff that was never used or gently used. If your interested email me on facebook.

This is a Mary Kay sampler. Contains 4 perfumes and 1 lip gloss. All of the perfumes screw into the lipgloss, so they are interchangeable. Yours for only $8.00

This is 1 oz of Affection Parfum from Mary Kay. I bought 2 of these for Christmas one year and never gave it away. Never opened or used, yours for $12.00

This is a bar of Tutti Frutti soap from Jay Designs in Lawrenceville. Handmade on location . Has a fruity smell to it. Yours for only $3.00

This is the "Wen" hair cleansing system. I purchased this a few months ago and used it 1 time. The one that was used is on the far left side. The bottles are 6oz each. The scents are Lavendar, Cucumber aloe, and Sweet Almond mint. Included is a booklet that explains each scent and how to use them. Yours for only $15.00

I also have a bottle of Mary Kay "Bella" parfum. i is a 1.7 oz bottle new in box. I can't find the pic of it , but yours for $10.00

Monday, November 9, 2009


So i guess it's been a while since I've posted but I really do have a good reason . Not that I need to tell you what that is though. Things have been crazy crazy in the Cliff. I am back in the saddle, vacation is over and I shall be better than ever. I have decided to take on some extra work this holiday season and help out BFF Rhonda at her nail salon while one of her girls is out of town for a bit. If you need a mani, pedi, glitter toes or party nails I am your girl!! Well I am signing off for now but guarantee that I will be back later!