Thursday, January 6, 2011


so I realized last night around 1030pm that I forgot to post. I'll blame is on the Penguins whopping on the Lightning 8-1. So I can't wait till next week!! We (husband and I) are headed to Hawaii to see my bro-in-law. We haven't been on a plane together for many years and it worries me what Brandon will do with the new security precautions. lol I have visions of him mouthing off and getting tasered. I however just checked and found the following items that I am not allowed to Carry on that really ticks me off.
*cricket bats
*Pen Knives
*Pool Cues
*Road Flares
*Stun Guns
*Tear Gas
Do I really need to break down why someone would actually need to take these on a trip. yes i do.
*Cricket Bats: ok so if your English or Australian and play professional cricket thats one thing, but just for something that you might do on a vacation thats a little extreme.
*Dynamite: If you are Yo Samitty Sam yes you should be able to take I would guess these people trying to take dynamite are headed to Arkansas or Alabama, has 2 teeth and is named Larry who has a brother named Darryl and another brother Darryl.
*Pen Knives: honestly I don't know what this even is. I am assuming that this is a James Bond device that is meant for human annihiliation. And if it is chances are that James Bond wants to use it on the plane. Hey as long as you do it in the bathroom and there's another one available I'm fine with that.
*Pool Cues: ? Not sure about this one. I suppose if your professional and are in one of those cheesy professional pool leagues you need it. But this is a list of stuff that you Carry On. Yes they come apart and are easily able to be the size of a laptop but are you really going to whip it out and do some trick shots?
*Road Flares: being that these items are readily available at Walmart if not every gas station you really don't need to have this on your carry on or your regular luggage.
*Scredrivers: now if this is the alcoholic drink, absolutely they should be allowed. Chances that thats the way they mean it..slim to none. Once again as mentioned above these are readily available at a tacky flea market and don't need to be in luggage.
*Stun Guns and Tear Gas: these kind of go hand in hand and pretty much go with the above mentioned Pen Knives and James Bond.
So in conclusion when planning a trip don't plan on any wild times with road flares, stun guns or dynamite. No games using pool cues or cricket bats are to be played. Simply bring a book or play some solitare. And if a bathroom is being occupied for a lengthy period of time it's one of 2 things.. either someone is joining the milehigh club or James Bond took care of business.

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