Saturday, July 26, 2008

old people and potato salad

So tonight I attended my first Nursing Home picnic. My husband's grandmother is in a local nursing home and they have a big family picnic. Well I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was about 75 people that attended, and they brought a banquet of delicious foods! You name is and it was there. The entertainment consisted of Dave and his keyboard. No , not Dave as in my brother-in-law but just some guy named Dave and his keyboard. Although Dave catered towards the older crowd I found him very enjoyable. He seemed to play alot of polka songs which thrilled me to no end. At one point Bernie ( mother-in-law) were doing the chicken dance. So I am now happily at home watching "Catch and Release" which I really like. On another note.. We had Community Yard Sales today. My big profit was about 33.00 . The crowd didn't seem to be so big this year. So that is the to-do for the weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday night fun!

So tonight was interesting. I went and enjoyed a bunch of little kids playing t-ball. If you have never seen a t-ball game you should go. The kids do everything except play ball. Play with the dirt, look up at the sky, run around in circles, you name is and they're doing it. So then after the game my mother and I did a first. We went Dumpster Diving!! My neighbor passed away a few weeks ago and the family is throwing stuff out. My mom and I being the antique hunters decided we would venture over and see if we could find anything. I got 2 planters and mom got a top off of a bird bath and a basket. The sad thing is... we found a planter that easily could go for 50$ on ebay broke in half , which probably wasen't that way before they threw it in there. People are stupid and don't know what they are throwing away, so I am going to go diving every night till they get rid of the dumpster. You never know what you can find...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reality TV

So I can honestly say that I don't like reality tv. With the exception of a few things. I have gotten quite obsessed with "The Deadliest Catch" and "Wife Swap". Tonights "Wife Swap" has a red neck Kentucky family with the submissive wife with 3 spoiled kids and a rude Mean husband, and a snob illinois think their smarter than thou who tell the new mom that she is less intelligent than most people. Who do these people think that they are??? I don't understand where these people get off acting like they are the "sch-nitz". Here is a description of the families from ABC.

Sam Myers
Illinois is home to the Myers, a family of ghost hunters who all have paranormal abilities. She swaps lives with Samantha (39), a working mom whose corporate job supports the family financially and who leaves all domestic and parental responsibilities to her stay-at-home husband, Shane (37). In fact Drew (19), Cassie (16), Ricky (14) and Thom (4) call their father "dad-mom," and he assumes all domestic duties, beginning his day in his wife's closet, picking out and ironing her clothes every morning to her exact specifications. The Myers kids have grown to be extremely self-sufficient. They don't have structured rules, but each of the children does chores around the house and contributes to the family in some way. Drew and Cassie both work and have paid the monthly household bills whenever mom and dad found themselves low on cash. Drew, Cassie and Ricky also pitch in to the care of their younger brother, Thom, because Samantha admits she's not a "kissy kissy" kind of mom.
Karen Sutton
A family from the backwoods of Kentucky, the Suttons have a traditional household where Karen (42) is the ultimate mommy-mom who devotes her entire life to keeping her coal-miner husband, Tommy (46), pampered and her daughters, Tiffany (18), Kaitlyn (13) and Lindsey (10), indulged. Tommy considers cooking, cleaning and child care woman's work and, while he's off working, he expects Karen to be doing just that. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she's cleaning, dusting, doing laundry and cooking full country meals. Karen considers her girls her best friends and goes to great lengths to please them by showering them with affection and gifts. They've never been asked to lift a finger. Tiffany even calls her mom's cell phone from her upstairs bedroom to request a drink or to have Karen come find her lost TV remote control.

Oh well this could be a long and drawn out blog if I keep going on that. So anyhow last night we played Softball and Kicked Arse!!!! B got a home run and I got a double and scored a run. Needless to say we won the game 16-4. The other team was just a bunch of crybabies. well Im going to go out for a walk with the puppy power, then hit the sack.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh how I love the weekend.

So its Sunday evening about 8pm. I worked yesterday morning and have to say that other than the mass number of people that decided to show up at 1030 (when Im to quit at 1130) it wasen't bad. I still got out by a few minutes to 12. I came home and did a few little things then just plopped my big old butt down at the kitchen table and chilled on the computer. Mostly I played Ranch Rush. Brandon and I went for dinner about 9pm and home by 10. Today it was my week to sing at church. Things went very smoothly (our regular leader was on vacation) and personally I thought that we kicked some booty. After church I went to my frien Courtney's house and had a nice couple of hours with her, Jennifer, and Jodie whom I have all known for at least 20 years. Come to think of it that is a really scary thought that I have had friends for over 20 years. I guess that I am 30 but it is just a little scary. We all caught up on everyone's lives and had some laugh's, but then the subject always steered toward their children. I don't know I get tired of talking about kids. If they are present thats a different thing but when they aren't they still can't relax and take their minds off the little things. Oh well. Good food , good company, good afternoon. So now Im at home and enjoying the sound of my husband snoring on the couch. (NOT) but I am fully relaxed and watching Yoga for some odd reason. Hold on... Ok so I changed the channel and now am watching the deadliest catch. This show just makes me freaking hungry.. i want crab. So Im not sure what the heck is up for tomorrow. My friend Courtney and I may go down to the strip for some shopping!! That would be fun, but I still could use a day at home to get ready for the big yard sale day on Saturday. Ford Cliff Community Days. You gotta love a town that has Community Days. It's always plural but it's only one day.???? Well going to call it a day and play some Ranch Rush. My finger is really hurting today. I think I have arthritis in it or something. Cool so smell you later homies. word to your mother

Thursday, July 17, 2008

how have they live so long?

I often wonder how some people have lived as long as they have without having killed themselves by some stupid act. Case in point.. Olga. Olga is in her mid to late 70's married with grown children. Olga calls me last week wanting a perm so I set an appointment up for the next day. She never showed. Now this happens to be a common thing and I usually will not call unless I know that they will call and cancel if something came up. So yesterday Olga called again and asked "When is my perm appointment?" Pissed off I replied "Last Wednesday at 1pm." She proceeded to apologize and asked to reschedule, I told her to come in for 11am today, and told her to write it down. So after doing that she said "Ok I'll see you at 10am tomorrow" to which I again corrected her and told her 11. So a few hours later the phone rang again.."What time is my appointment tomorrow?" I told her again. "I wrote it down on a piece of paper , but I lost the paper." Seriously??? Where is her husband? He probably had died a few days ago and is rotting away in bed and she thinks he's taking a nap. So this morning what time does Olga show up???? 9:45am. Oh yes a whole hour and fifteen minutes early.Which ended up working out cuz I wasen't busy. But seriously people, there is no shame in Nursing homes. Things are quite busy lately, which I love because time goes by so quickly but then time goes by so quickly. Last night was the first night this week that I didn't have somewhere to be right after work. So I basically just sat on my ass and played "Ranch Rush" till 11pm. I then retired to bed to read my book of the moment "Candy Girl, a year in the life of an unlikely stripper" . I thought that it would be more exciting than it really is. (dissapointed frown) Can I just say that I am really liking the whole blog thing. I kind of thought that they were stupid but now it's just a cool way of venting. which if you think about it, saves money on beer at the bar and you don't piss people off by telling them your troubles. I think that is about it for today. Life Lesson for today: just because your not a janitor dosen't mean you not going to have to clean up someone's crap sooner or later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What up...

So I have always wanted to take the time to do this and so now I am. My name is Jill Strong. I am a married 30yr old from Ford Cliff, Pa!! I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 9 years. I own a Bernot's Beauty Salon in Ford City. I really like my job, although it is rather trying sometimes to balance everything. I have a dog and a cat (my boys) which I spoil to no end. I enjoy crafting, computering, and hanging with the P.S.S. (porch sitters society) in Ford City. I fully intend to keep this updated as much as possible. Ta Ta for now.