Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh how I love the weekend.

So its Sunday evening about 8pm. I worked yesterday morning and have to say that other than the mass number of people that decided to show up at 1030 (when Im to quit at 1130) it wasen't bad. I still got out by a few minutes to 12. I came home and did a few little things then just plopped my big old butt down at the kitchen table and chilled on the computer. Mostly I played Ranch Rush. Brandon and I went for dinner about 9pm and home by 10. Today it was my week to sing at church. Things went very smoothly (our regular leader was on vacation) and personally I thought that we kicked some booty. After church I went to my frien Courtney's house and had a nice couple of hours with her, Jennifer, and Jodie whom I have all known for at least 20 years. Come to think of it that is a really scary thought that I have had friends for over 20 years. I guess that I am 30 but it is just a little scary. We all caught up on everyone's lives and had some laugh's, but then the subject always steered toward their children. I don't know I get tired of talking about kids. If they are present thats a different thing but when they aren't they still can't relax and take their minds off the little things. Oh well. Good food , good company, good afternoon. So now Im at home and enjoying the sound of my husband snoring on the couch. (NOT) but I am fully relaxed and watching Yoga for some odd reason. Hold on... Ok so I changed the channel and now am watching the deadliest catch. This show just makes me freaking hungry.. i want crab. So Im not sure what the heck is up for tomorrow. My friend Courtney and I may go down to the strip for some shopping!! That would be fun, but I still could use a day at home to get ready for the big yard sale day on Saturday. Ford Cliff Community Days. You gotta love a town that has Community Days. It's always plural but it's only one day.???? Well going to call it a day and play some Ranch Rush. My finger is really hurting today. I think I have arthritis in it or something. Cool so smell you later homies. word to your mother

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