Thursday, July 17, 2008

how have they live so long?

I often wonder how some people have lived as long as they have without having killed themselves by some stupid act. Case in point.. Olga. Olga is in her mid to late 70's married with grown children. Olga calls me last week wanting a perm so I set an appointment up for the next day. She never showed. Now this happens to be a common thing and I usually will not call unless I know that they will call and cancel if something came up. So yesterday Olga called again and asked "When is my perm appointment?" Pissed off I replied "Last Wednesday at 1pm." She proceeded to apologize and asked to reschedule, I told her to come in for 11am today, and told her to write it down. So after doing that she said "Ok I'll see you at 10am tomorrow" to which I again corrected her and told her 11. So a few hours later the phone rang again.."What time is my appointment tomorrow?" I told her again. "I wrote it down on a piece of paper , but I lost the paper." Seriously??? Where is her husband? He probably had died a few days ago and is rotting away in bed and she thinks he's taking a nap. So this morning what time does Olga show up???? 9:45am. Oh yes a whole hour and fifteen minutes early.Which ended up working out cuz I wasen't busy. But seriously people, there is no shame in Nursing homes. Things are quite busy lately, which I love because time goes by so quickly but then time goes by so quickly. Last night was the first night this week that I didn't have somewhere to be right after work. So I basically just sat on my ass and played "Ranch Rush" till 11pm. I then retired to bed to read my book of the moment "Candy Girl, a year in the life of an unlikely stripper" . I thought that it would be more exciting than it really is. (dissapointed frown) Can I just say that I am really liking the whole blog thing. I kind of thought that they were stupid but now it's just a cool way of venting. which if you think about it, saves money on beer at the bar and you don't piss people off by telling them your troubles. I think that is about it for today. Life Lesson for today: just because your not a janitor dosen't mean you not going to have to clean up someone's crap sooner or later.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I can totally relate with you on the whole clients thing. I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't work with the public. Had the bridal party from hell today. 6 appointments, only 3 show, 2 are a half hour late and the the bride's 8 year old, rips down the curtain over the pedicure chair. I could have ripped that little brats head off!