Saturday, July 26, 2008

old people and potato salad

So tonight I attended my first Nursing Home picnic. My husband's grandmother is in a local nursing home and they have a big family picnic. Well I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was about 75 people that attended, and they brought a banquet of delicious foods! You name is and it was there. The entertainment consisted of Dave and his keyboard. No , not Dave as in my brother-in-law but just some guy named Dave and his keyboard. Although Dave catered towards the older crowd I found him very enjoyable. He seemed to play alot of polka songs which thrilled me to no end. At one point Bernie ( mother-in-law) were doing the chicken dance. So I am now happily at home watching "Catch and Release" which I really like. On another note.. We had Community Yard Sales today. My big profit was about 33.00 . The crowd didn't seem to be so big this year. So that is the to-do for the weekend.

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