Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh how I've missed my Monday's!!

So today was the first day of school which meant that I could sleep in. Hunter (my dog) and I decided to start our day around 820am and off we went. I got to start off my day at the Chiropractors office! I like to think that Dr. Masci and I have a slightly different client/dr relationship. We have little discussions about our weekend plans and anything new and exciting, all while he massages my neck. I sometimes wonder if all that he does is not what he does on other patients. HHHMMMM.... Of course dumb me, I've been having some hip pain for about 2 months now and have told him the last time I was in. He did some stretching exercises on it and then againg this morning he did the same. When I left the office I reached down to scratch my leg and OMG I have a good 2 days of hair growth on me. note to self...
So after that I ventured off to Butler. I have not had a good day of shopping for quite a while and took my chances today. Boy am I glad that I did. I started off at Michaels and got 5 bags of stuff for 100.00!!!! I have been unable to find a jewelry box that I even remotely think is attractive and would use, but they had these cute little wood ones that you can finish yourself for 599 and 699 each. So I got 2 short/fat ones and 3 tall/skinny ones. I am in the middle of painting them white and black. I got a crap load of beads (not that I need more), plain bangle bracelets, and a bunch of iron on's. Then off to JC Penny's, where I got 2 shirts,1 skirt and 2 purses for 26.00! And one of the purses is big enough to fit my laptop. Then I headed over to the Hostess outlet and got a bunch of sweets for my sweet. And I ended the day at Sams Club for some groceries. So now I will retire for the evening and get some shut eye so I will be all refreshed and revived for work. blah. But holiday weekend!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

So it is 938pm Sunday nigh and what have I gotten accomplished this weekend. NOTHING. Oh I forgot that I swept the house today. But that is quite ok with me. Life is going good for me for a change. I am back in a groove that I am enjoying and hope that it stays that way for a long while. The little bastard children of Armstrong County will be back in school tomorrow and that means that I can sleep in since the nephew will not be coming over at 630am tomorrow that means that I can finally sleep in !!!! I honestly cannot remember the last time that I slept in. But sleeping in still means that I have to be up at 830 to be at the chiropractor for 930. Oh Dr. Masci!!! There is just something about a very attractive man... Oh boy I shouldn't go there. What to do tomorrow??? I think I may venture down to Giant Eagle and go grocery shopping and chill at home.My life is so exciting!, but it is calm. I think I may retire for the evening and watch old reruns of Sex and the City. Better put a tranqualizer in me to settle me down... Lol. Goodnight.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!..NOT

So as most mothers can't wait for Monday to come, I am dreading it. Monday is the first day of school in Armstrong county, and I am ready to start drinking. I'm sure that no child wants to go to school let alone get their haircut for school. So other than that and a bunch of old people that is pretty much my week. I don't know if there is something going on at the senior center or at Walmart but they sure are getting done up. Oh I am getting quite excited for our firehall's summer picnic, I am in charge of games this year. So far I have... hot potato (kids), water balloon toss (kids), backyard bingo, pie eating contest, water pass, and bigfoot. All in all it should be fun, especially after everyone has a few beers in them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

cataracts and love

So I took my Great Aunt up to get cataract surgery today. OMG please shoot me when I get to this point in my life. Such anxst and worry. Aunt T is 88 years old and blind as a bat. So when I go to pick her up this morning she informs me that she probably won't get to have the surgery because she thinks she messed up on one of her forms. So checking the form in question I come to find that she was to have her PCP fill out the form and she didn't. And as fate would have it, the Dr. was not in this morning. Taking our chances we proceeded to KH1 (ACMH hospital) she was admitted and asked to fill out the privacy act paper. Basically sign your name and print your birthdate. She signed then asked "what else" the lady told her "print your date of birth" Aunt T's reply was nothing... slight 10 second pause "Is that the day I was born?" ( I kid you not) The lady basically proceeded to ask her is Oct 9 your birthday? Why yes it is!!! Ok write it down. So she had the surgery and we go back to good old McGrann, where my Grandmother is waiting. I go over the eye drops and when to do them... blah blah... Do you think that 3 people 80+ could get the shit straight. NO they couldn't. If they didn't have something to bitch about I don't know what they would do. So anyways.... Today is my 9th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband Brandon. We have now been together for 13 years!! We are staying in tonight due to the Steeler game being on and will go for dinner tomorrow night and he can pick out his gift.. A New Grill! Everyman's dream

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh kids...

So apparently the new thing for the youth football league is getting your number shaved in the back of your head. I was confronted by a few youngsters with this challenge yesterday and today. I prevailed pretty good even though I had never done such a thing. I can remember seeing this done back in the late 80's, but never thought it would be back in style again. So of course the first one that I did was the hardest number that you could do. 35. too much curvature and lack of experience made it a little difficult. But I did a pretty kicking job and even put a little line design underneath. The one that I did today was quite easier a 77. great straight lines and he wanted it big enough that I used the width of the clipper. Unfortunately I only have a pic on my cell phone as my camera wasen't working at the shop. Oh boy so I should probably brush up on some of this as I may have more of them soon!! Oh well youtube here I come.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So this has been a good weekend finally. Yesterday was a normal Saturday and I worked until 12 then went to the FUNERAL HOME!! Yes I go to Funeral Homes and do hair. I actually enjoy doing it and wouldn't mind if I could do this full time. Once you get past the fact that the person you are working on is dead, it's not bad at all. So after all that hubby, I, sissy, Dawson and Dave went to the Demolition Derby at the Dayton Fairgrounds. And I think we witnessed history that a woman won the derby, and she drove a pink car. Then this morning I awoke at 530 am and couldn't wait to get ready for FLEA MARKET!!! Rhonda, sissy and I went over to Youngstown , Ohio to the Four Seasons flea market. Although a little chilly we had a great time. I bought 2 Kate Spade knockoff purses,a bunch of produce, but my biggest purchase of the day was the bootleg dvd's that I got. It was almost like buying contraband , you are worried who is watching you , where it is from, and how it's going to be. I bought: wanted, dark knight, hancock, kung fu panda, sex and the city. for 20$. I would rather give the money at this point to some 60 yr old black man than to the money grubbing movie theaters. We took some pictures oh our way home at some skanky adult xxx place just for fun, in case you are wondering what the pic is about. Ok well Im getting tired and got to get up early again tomorrow to spend the day with Dawson (my nephew) and we will be housebound since my jeep is getting fixed. I shall resign for the evening and post again some other day. Ta ta.

Friday, August 8, 2008


so it is finally friday. i have had a smirnoff and got my nails done and now am eating my dinner. My day is complete. I will post a pic of my book purse for you (Rhonda the only person that reads this) a little later tonight.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great balls of .....

So up up and away. I am feeling great and things are going my way. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! which really dosen't mean a whole lot to me, except I get to have my toe nails done!! Other than that nothing exciting happened, I went to work and watched "Harold and Kumar II" which is funny! But you have to watch the first one. Now Im at home and think I'll do a couple of book purses this evening. So I shall clean up my mess from dinner and "Get down to it". word to your mother.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So things are looking up

Finally things are starting to get better in my life. The jeep is waiting to get fixed with money in hand today, lost 1.6 lbs since last week, got some good bargains at the thrift store today, and am back in the crafting zone. I made a cool laptop case, and a book purse. Things are looking better and soon it will be the weekend and who knows what will happen. So wait and see!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

upward turn???

So I had a really crappy week as I previously mentioned. I found out on Wednesday afternoon that my cousin had died. I only have 2 cousins so this is why I guess this is so hard for me. We were by no means "close" (we only saw each other a few times a year) but a cousin is a cousin. I honestly thought .. Ok I'm not going to cry this is a sad situation but, I didn't cry at my Grandpa's funeral. Wrong. I used a pack of tissues. But it was a very nice service and we had a nice gathering at my Aunts house afterwards. I thought it was quite funny that instead of people bringing food they brought beer. Which was fitting cuz Todd liked his beer. So besides that Brandon and I went to a birthday party last night and some stupid lady hit the front bumper of my jeep. I have only had the dang thing a year and this is the 2nd time it has to be fixed, and neither of the times have been due to me. So that pretty much sums up my week and why Im in such a poopy mood. I am hoping that changes tomorrow since I have a massage in the morning. If not I give up.

Crappy week

So if you had not noticed I have not posted all week.. That would be to a really crappy past week. So I will post again when I have something better to talk about.