Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh how I've missed my Monday's!!

So today was the first day of school which meant that I could sleep in. Hunter (my dog) and I decided to start our day around 820am and off we went. I got to start off my day at the Chiropractors office! I like to think that Dr. Masci and I have a slightly different client/dr relationship. We have little discussions about our weekend plans and anything new and exciting, all while he massages my neck. I sometimes wonder if all that he does is not what he does on other patients. HHHMMMM.... Of course dumb me, I've been having some hip pain for about 2 months now and have told him the last time I was in. He did some stretching exercises on it and then againg this morning he did the same. When I left the office I reached down to scratch my leg and OMG I have a good 2 days of hair growth on me. note to self...
So after that I ventured off to Butler. I have not had a good day of shopping for quite a while and took my chances today. Boy am I glad that I did. I started off at Michaels and got 5 bags of stuff for 100.00!!!! I have been unable to find a jewelry box that I even remotely think is attractive and would use, but they had these cute little wood ones that you can finish yourself for 599 and 699 each. So I got 2 short/fat ones and 3 tall/skinny ones. I am in the middle of painting them white and black. I got a crap load of beads (not that I need more), plain bangle bracelets, and a bunch of iron on's. Then off to JC Penny's, where I got 2 shirts,1 skirt and 2 purses for 26.00! And one of the purses is big enough to fit my laptop. Then I headed over to the Hostess outlet and got a bunch of sweets for my sweet. And I ended the day at Sams Club for some groceries. So now I will retire for the evening and get some shut eye so I will be all refreshed and revived for work. blah. But holiday weekend!!!!!

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