Sunday, August 10, 2008


So this has been a good weekend finally. Yesterday was a normal Saturday and I worked until 12 then went to the FUNERAL HOME!! Yes I go to Funeral Homes and do hair. I actually enjoy doing it and wouldn't mind if I could do this full time. Once you get past the fact that the person you are working on is dead, it's not bad at all. So after all that hubby, I, sissy, Dawson and Dave went to the Demolition Derby at the Dayton Fairgrounds. And I think we witnessed history that a woman won the derby, and she drove a pink car. Then this morning I awoke at 530 am and couldn't wait to get ready for FLEA MARKET!!! Rhonda, sissy and I went over to Youngstown , Ohio to the Four Seasons flea market. Although a little chilly we had a great time. I bought 2 Kate Spade knockoff purses,a bunch of produce, but my biggest purchase of the day was the bootleg dvd's that I got. It was almost like buying contraband , you are worried who is watching you , where it is from, and how it's going to be. I bought: wanted, dark knight, hancock, kung fu panda, sex and the city. for 20$. I would rather give the money at this point to some 60 yr old black man than to the money grubbing movie theaters. We took some pictures oh our way home at some skanky adult xxx place just for fun, in case you are wondering what the pic is about. Ok well Im getting tired and got to get up early again tomorrow to spend the day with Dawson (my nephew) and we will be housebound since my jeep is getting fixed. I shall resign for the evening and post again some other day. Ta ta.