Thursday, August 14, 2008

cataracts and love

So I took my Great Aunt up to get cataract surgery today. OMG please shoot me when I get to this point in my life. Such anxst and worry. Aunt T is 88 years old and blind as a bat. So when I go to pick her up this morning she informs me that she probably won't get to have the surgery because she thinks she messed up on one of her forms. So checking the form in question I come to find that she was to have her PCP fill out the form and she didn't. And as fate would have it, the Dr. was not in this morning. Taking our chances we proceeded to KH1 (ACMH hospital) she was admitted and asked to fill out the privacy act paper. Basically sign your name and print your birthdate. She signed then asked "what else" the lady told her "print your date of birth" Aunt T's reply was nothing... slight 10 second pause "Is that the day I was born?" ( I kid you not) The lady basically proceeded to ask her is Oct 9 your birthday? Why yes it is!!! Ok write it down. So she had the surgery and we go back to good old McGrann, where my Grandmother is waiting. I go over the eye drops and when to do them... blah blah... Do you think that 3 people 80+ could get the shit straight. NO they couldn't. If they didn't have something to bitch about I don't know what they would do. So anyways.... Today is my 9th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband Brandon. We have now been together for 13 years!! We are staying in tonight due to the Steeler game being on and will go for dinner tomorrow night and he can pick out his gift.. A New Grill! Everyman's dream

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The Purple Pinkie said...

1. So, I take it you gave birth to an 88 year old blind bat at ACMH.

2. I am happy to inform you that my house did NOT burn down, still don't know the 411 on all the excitment.

3. Happy Freakin' Anniversary!