Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting down to the wire.

So it's Tuesday night and I am chilling in the recliner. AAHHH. Boring day at work today nothing special happened and I like it. But.... tomorrow is the first of the month and everyone will be getting their checks. yikes. So 12 days to go until the Holiday Craft Market that I am putting on at the firehall. I have sold 16 tables as of today and Im sure there will be some last minute ones. I just have to worry about getting signs made up a.s.a.p. and figuring a set-up for all the tables. Ok well Im going to go and make a snack and get a shower. ta ta for the day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's been a while.

So for me it's the best time of the year. ABC has finally kicked off the fall season this week. As I type I am watching the record of Greys Anatomy. My wonderful husband got me all worked up that Desperate Housewives was on this past Sunday, all hyped up I got myself ready for the hour of 9pm. I turn on my tv and what do I see...the Emmys. So wait another 7 days Jill. So tomorrow is Friday and I have a very busy day at work that starts at 830am. Not very happy about this but old women need to have their hair fussed up for the weekend. So it is 1206am and I am going to reside in my comfy bed with my boys. night!!

shifting into 2nd gear...

So as I posted in my blog a few days ago, things were slow and boring. well no more. I was asked by a local business owner to display some of my jewelry in her shop tonight for an open house. I was delighted to and told her yes!! So the past few nights I have been working on some ritzier pieces for tonights showing. I finished up at 1200am last night and am very satisfied. In addition to that, our Firehall is starting to make applebutter tonight, and it is my friend Becky's birthday today. Whew. I felt like crap the other day, Becky called me and asked if I wanted to go out for a few drinks on Thursday and I said "oh I have too much stuff going on, prob not". Then after I hung up I realized it's her birthday. YIKES. oh well going to have to suck up on that, and prob end up going for a few drinks tonight. well goin gto eat breakfast and go to work. uurgh. I may even have to take a cruise by the Purple Pinkie and see the bus stop drama. HHMMM.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I get a kick out of old people.

So this morning one of my senior customers was in to get a cut. I don't remember the actual comment I said to him but something along the lines of getting a girlfriend. His reply was I just got rid of one and don't care to get another. My immediate response was , oh no did his wife just die?? Then he informed me that his "lady friend" of some time decided that she didn't want to see him anymore. So like any other heartbroken human he decided to get the last word. He said that a day after she told him this he was walking around the house and saw that there was a few of her belongings of hers, so what did he do?? "I drove down to the Post Office and put all her crap in a box and sent it to her. Boy I can't wait to get the phone call from her." Let me tell you he is probably in his late 70's!! Gotta love old people. He also told me he's going to go to his daughters and stay a week and maybe he'll find a girlfriend up there. So in other news I finally found a pair of brown dress/casual shoes last night down at the Mills. AAAAHHH (imagine angelic singing), I also got 5 books and groceries. I also did some scoping out of dumpsters. Call me crazy but I am totally going to go Dumpster Diving soon. I was in Michaels and while checking out on of the items I bought came up $.01. the clerk informed me that they are supposed to override that to another price but she didnt feel like it. SWEET. She then informed me that the rest of that stuff would just be thrown out soon. I said "oh is your dumpster locked" to which she had no reply to. After my grocery shopping I decided to drive around the back of the Michaels/Ross plaza and low and behold there were no locks on any of the dumpsters. Office Max, Michaels,Catherines,Famous Footwear, and Ross, none had locks. So some evening I am going to get a partner and go diving. Reading from the Dumpster Divers yahoo group, there is alot of GOOD stuff that places throw out. I am willing who wants to join??? So thats just about all I have for today. Going home to my boys after work and making some jewelry for an open house tomorrow. I still am in the crafting mode!! LOVE IT. So peace out and l8r sk8r.

Monday, September 22, 2008


so it seems that my life is a little slow and boring at the moment. and I couldn't be happier. Todays agenda consisted of trucking down to Vandergrift/Leechburg and getting 18 bushels of apples! What can I say I was hungry. No, the firehall is having an applebutter sale and we went and got the apples. Then I cleaned 2 bushels of apples and went to my Grandma's for 3 hours and helped her get ready for fall. Now I am watching HEROS!!!! I've waited too long for this moment. I had a good weekend otherwise Friday I stayed home and watched the Ford City Sabers kick the Summit Academy's ass. Saturday I worked (zzzz) then the highlight of my weekend ... watching the Bitch Doctor's win the S.C.D.D. championship. In case you are lost , the Bitch Doctor's are 1 of 4 teams in the Steel City Derby Demons womens flat track roller derby. If you have never been , boy you are missing out. Check out Fonda Bruises blog to read the recap of the evening. http://thepurplepinkie.blogspot.com/ . Sunday I went to church and sang all pretty and then chilled the afternoon away and made some necklaces. I've finally gotten back in the groove of my creativity and hope it stays for a while since the holiday's are coming. Well watching the news and then going to bed. Peace Out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

who knew...

So yesterday at work while feeling a little bored, I decided to persue looking online for a nice pair of brown shoes. Well what I didn't find was a pair that I could wear or afford. But what I did find was a link to this

In case you cannot pull up the link let me tell you what it is. It is a listing for unisex "Dorothy" shoes for halloween . WTF. Who would wear such as thing.. Oh wait this guy would.
I don't think that I can write anything more today after finding this photo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The beginning of a new week.

So it's Monday. The storm last night scared the crap out of me but as soon as I put my head on my pillow I was in "Jill's La La Land". Which is a great place to be if you are me. Yesterday seemed to be the longest day ever. I was up at 5:55am to get ready for church and home by 12pm. Then just chilled with the hubby until 6:30 when we went over to the neighbors for dinner and then to watch the football game. I returned home around 9pm and soon after went to La La Land. I was rudely awakened at 530am to the sound of my phone ringing. My father and husband both work at the same company in Sarver, well my dad went into work to find the vice-president and the head of maintainence walking around with flashlights. The power had gone out sometime last night and with all the damage around the area they didn't expect to have it back running until this evening. So my man got the day off! So back to bed until 815 when he got called out for power lines and a tree down. HAHAHA.I think he has taken the tv hostage from me. He has a xbox and just recently got to playing online against other people and now is constantly hogging the tv. UUURRRGGHH. I got the pleasure of going to the big town of Greensburg today for a check-up on the Jeep. Like always women don't know anything about cars and men don't believe us when we tell them something is wrong. So anywho I got a few things at the mall. Alas the hunt for a nice trendy pair of brown shoes is still out of reach. Why can I not find anything that I a) can afford b)is my size c)is stylish d)will not break an ankle in ?????? So I think I will sign off and look online for some shoes. This is serious now. I am getting desperate. Help... zappos here I come.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dogs and the Dead

So today was first for me. My Great-Aunt died over the weekend and today was the funeral. Actually it ended up being a double funeral. Ever been to one??? Chances are you haven't . While attending the viewing last night I was informed of the "other" funeral. You see my Aunt Jean and Uncle Al had a dog named Jake. Jake was a pain in the ass Boston Terrier that liked NO ONE. Well as in all living creatures he meet his maker a few years ago and was cremated. It was then decided between Al and Jean that whoever died first would take the dog with them. Well Jean got the honor of taking Jake to Lawn Haven. Is it just me or does that take the whole dog ownership to a whole other level?

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Back!!!

So I have been on a hiatus lately with my blogging. Well have no fear, Hatgal is here!!! I have been quite busy with work and home and just loving life. Within the past few days I have gotten back into the crafting mode again. Im hoping to get into a show this coming weekend (weather permitting). Went shopping today (who would have guessed) and got some good stuff. Splurged at Old Navy and Avenue but got some sweet deals at the strip and Michaels craft store. I did see a very funny sticker on a car today which I wish I would've taken a picture of. It read "My German Shorthair is smarter than your honor student" , I have to admit I love to read bumper stickers. I shall include a picture of one from vacation as my photo of the day. Saturday night my husband and I enjoyed and evening out in the "city" of Pittsburgh. For our anniversary Brandon got tickets for us to go and see "Wicked". If you are unfamiliar with the musical I highly suggest you go to youtube.com and search it. We had dinner at Rolands in the Strip district which was very very good. As sardined in as I was with a big old lady beside me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did Brandon. (gasp!). My poor husband has been ailing from a hand injury about a month ago. So he finally decided to go down to Med-Xpress and get it checked out. Well after a few x-rays it was decided to have his hand amputated! lol.. Just Kidding. No, the Dr. said that it looks like there was some problem there like 2 small fractures that had healed. But he referred Brandon to a specialist at St. Margaret's to look at some possible tendon problems. But we did find out that he has a piece of metal in his ring finger on the right hand. Who knew? That I think does it as of tonight. I am getting sleepy and shall retire for the evening, but not before having a cup of Lotus Tea that is good for sleeping. We'll see about that. So until next time remember... your always better than you deserve.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh Rhonda ...

I know that you are going to read this and just wanted to post a photo in honor of you new "toy". Just think that could be us. LOL...