Monday, September 15, 2008

The beginning of a new week.

So it's Monday. The storm last night scared the crap out of me but as soon as I put my head on my pillow I was in "Jill's La La Land". Which is a great place to be if you are me. Yesterday seemed to be the longest day ever. I was up at 5:55am to get ready for church and home by 12pm. Then just chilled with the hubby until 6:30 when we went over to the neighbors for dinner and then to watch the football game. I returned home around 9pm and soon after went to La La Land. I was rudely awakened at 530am to the sound of my phone ringing. My father and husband both work at the same company in Sarver, well my dad went into work to find the vice-president and the head of maintainence walking around with flashlights. The power had gone out sometime last night and with all the damage around the area they didn't expect to have it back running until this evening. So my man got the day off! So back to bed until 815 when he got called out for power lines and a tree down. HAHAHA.I think he has taken the tv hostage from me. He has a xbox and just recently got to playing online against other people and now is constantly hogging the tv. UUURRRGGHH. I got the pleasure of going to the big town of Greensburg today for a check-up on the Jeep. Like always women don't know anything about cars and men don't believe us when we tell them something is wrong. So anywho I got a few things at the mall. Alas the hunt for a nice trendy pair of brown shoes is still out of reach. Why can I not find anything that I a) can afford b)is my size c)is stylish d)will not break an ankle in ?????? So I think I will sign off and look online for some shoes. This is serious now. I am getting desperate. Help... zappos here I come.

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