Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Back!!!

So I have been on a hiatus lately with my blogging. Well have no fear, Hatgal is here!!! I have been quite busy with work and home and just loving life. Within the past few days I have gotten back into the crafting mode again. Im hoping to get into a show this coming weekend (weather permitting). Went shopping today (who would have guessed) and got some good stuff. Splurged at Old Navy and Avenue but got some sweet deals at the strip and Michaels craft store. I did see a very funny sticker on a car today which I wish I would've taken a picture of. It read "My German Shorthair is smarter than your honor student" , I have to admit I love to read bumper stickers. I shall include a picture of one from vacation as my photo of the day. Saturday night my husband and I enjoyed and evening out in the "city" of Pittsburgh. For our anniversary Brandon got tickets for us to go and see "Wicked". If you are unfamiliar with the musical I highly suggest you go to and search it. We had dinner at Rolands in the Strip district which was very very good. As sardined in as I was with a big old lady beside me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did Brandon. (gasp!). My poor husband has been ailing from a hand injury about a month ago. So he finally decided to go down to Med-Xpress and get it checked out. Well after a few x-rays it was decided to have his hand amputated! lol.. Just Kidding. No, the Dr. said that it looks like there was some problem there like 2 small fractures that had healed. But he referred Brandon to a specialist at St. Margaret's to look at some possible tendon problems. But we did find out that he has a piece of metal in his ring finger on the right hand. Who knew? That I think does it as of tonight. I am getting sleepy and shall retire for the evening, but not before having a cup of Lotus Tea that is good for sleeping. We'll see about that. So until next time remember... your always better than you deserve.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

LOL I actually have the "My Golden Retriever is smarter than your honor student" bumpersticker. I have it on a bulletin board because Mr. Bruises would have a cow if I put it on ANY vehicle *shudders*

Glad you had a good time at Wicked, it's an awesome show!!!!!