Monday, September 22, 2008


so it seems that my life is a little slow and boring at the moment. and I couldn't be happier. Todays agenda consisted of trucking down to Vandergrift/Leechburg and getting 18 bushels of apples! What can I say I was hungry. No, the firehall is having an applebutter sale and we went and got the apples. Then I cleaned 2 bushels of apples and went to my Grandma's for 3 hours and helped her get ready for fall. Now I am watching HEROS!!!! I've waited too long for this moment. I had a good weekend otherwise Friday I stayed home and watched the Ford City Sabers kick the Summit Academy's ass. Saturday I worked (zzzz) then the highlight of my weekend ... watching the Bitch Doctor's win the S.C.D.D. championship. In case you are lost , the Bitch Doctor's are 1 of 4 teams in the Steel City Derby Demons womens flat track roller derby. If you have never been , boy you are missing out. Check out Fonda Bruises blog to read the recap of the evening. . Sunday I went to church and sang all pretty and then chilled the afternoon away and made some necklaces. I've finally gotten back in the groove of my creativity and hope it stays for a while since the holiday's are coming. Well watching the news and then going to bed. Peace Out.

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