Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dogs and the Dead

So today was first for me. My Great-Aunt died over the weekend and today was the funeral. Actually it ended up being a double funeral. Ever been to one??? Chances are you haven't . While attending the viewing last night I was informed of the "other" funeral. You see my Aunt Jean and Uncle Al had a dog named Jake. Jake was a pain in the ass Boston Terrier that liked NO ONE. Well as in all living creatures he meet his maker a few years ago and was cremated. It was then decided between Al and Jean that whoever died first would take the dog with them. Well Jean got the honor of taking Jake to Lawn Haven. Is it just me or does that take the whole dog ownership to a whole other level?


The Purple Pinkie said...

Okay, I am so glad that no animals were harmed during your post! Sorry to hear about your aunt. Was this the one that was blind as a bat that you just took to the the hospital??

Hatgal said...

no not Aunt T. Do you remember the couple that one a million dollars on the lottery like 20 years ago from F.C. it was her that died.