Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I get a kick out of old people.

So this morning one of my senior customers was in to get a cut. I don't remember the actual comment I said to him but something along the lines of getting a girlfriend. His reply was I just got rid of one and don't care to get another. My immediate response was , oh no did his wife just die?? Then he informed me that his "lady friend" of some time decided that she didn't want to see him anymore. So like any other heartbroken human he decided to get the last word. He said that a day after she told him this he was walking around the house and saw that there was a few of her belongings of hers, so what did he do?? "I drove down to the Post Office and put all her crap in a box and sent it to her. Boy I can't wait to get the phone call from her." Let me tell you he is probably in his late 70's!! Gotta love old people. He also told me he's going to go to his daughters and stay a week and maybe he'll find a girlfriend up there. So in other news I finally found a pair of brown dress/casual shoes last night down at the Mills. AAAAHHH (imagine angelic singing), I also got 5 books and groceries. I also did some scoping out of dumpsters. Call me crazy but I am totally going to go Dumpster Diving soon. I was in Michaels and while checking out on of the items I bought came up $.01. the clerk informed me that they are supposed to override that to another price but she didnt feel like it. SWEET. She then informed me that the rest of that stuff would just be thrown out soon. I said "oh is your dumpster locked" to which she had no reply to. After my grocery shopping I decided to drive around the back of the Michaels/Ross plaza and low and behold there were no locks on any of the dumpsters. Office Max, Michaels,Catherines,Famous Footwear, and Ross, none had locks. So some evening I am going to get a partner and go diving. Reading from the Dumpster Divers yahoo group, there is alot of GOOD stuff that places throw out. I am willing who wants to join??? So thats just about all I have for today. Going home to my boys after work and making some jewelry for an open house tomorrow. I still am in the crafting mode!! LOVE IT. So peace out and l8r sk8r.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

Count me in!!!!!!!! I will be the look out!