Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

So it is 938pm Sunday nigh and what have I gotten accomplished this weekend. NOTHING. Oh I forgot that I swept the house today. But that is quite ok with me. Life is going good for me for a change. I am back in a groove that I am enjoying and hope that it stays that way for a long while. The little bastard children of Armstrong County will be back in school tomorrow and that means that I can sleep in since the nephew will not be coming over at 630am tomorrow that means that I can finally sleep in !!!! I honestly cannot remember the last time that I slept in. But sleeping in still means that I have to be up at 830 to be at the chiropractor for 930. Oh Dr. Masci!!! There is just something about a very attractive man... Oh boy I shouldn't go there. What to do tomorrow??? I think I may venture down to Giant Eagle and go grocery shopping and chill at home.My life is so exciting!, but it is calm. I think I may retire for the evening and watch old reruns of Sex and the City. Better put a tranqualizer in me to settle me down... Lol. Goodnight.

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