Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what to say today?

So today was wild. I honestly didn't think I would be busy but I was extremely busy. So what to talk about today? The sh*t storm on facebook that ended up with my BFF being called the worst name a woman can be called. no. the jerk who wrote those things does not deserve to be acknowledged and is immediately being removed from my friends list. How about how one of my customers husbands brought me homemade alcohol? whats up with that. IDK. I guess it is writers block. I got a new tattoo last week. I can't wait until it's totally healed to take some pics. This is pretty much the only thing I've got tonight. sorry I can't be more exciting. Thinking on taking my sissy out for her bday on Saturday night since I'll be gone for her bday. hope this wasen't too boring of vague tonight. but just feeling drained. off to dream land. nighty night

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