Monday, January 3, 2011

Today was a good day.

Not only was this an awesome rap song many years ago, but reflects the day. Besides standing in line for God only knows how many minutes at the bank and Post office, I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends Courtney. I have know Courtney Brooke Bowser Heilman since approximately the age of 6. My earliest memories of her are from Girl Scouts then continued into school and continues to this very day. I have sooo many outrageous memories with her it's not even funny. Isn't it funny how we have friends forever in our lives and then suddenly the just dissappear off the radar. One case in particular a girl I met in pre-school , we were friends until this past spring. She just changed. The kind of change that just pisses most people off. Oh well. Back to "happy things" . I continually consider myself blessed that I have such awesome people in my life. I like to think of my "true friends" as those who would give up body parts without even flinching. Courtney is one of those people. Not including family I can only think of a handful of people that would be willing to do that for me and I am fine with that too. Well here's to the end of a Good Day! Thank You Courtney for being a friend for the past 25?? years! LOVE YOU!

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