Monday, October 6, 2008


So I had a crazy weekend. Saturday morning my father,sister,aunt, and I embarked on a journey. Well just to McGrann. My great aunt T is ready to turn 89 in a few days and has let her house get WAY out of hand. We took it upon ourselves to get all of the crap out of the house and clean up. I started at 8 am and had to leave at 4 due to another engagement but could've stayed another couple of hours. In the process of the day I managed to lock my keys in the truck with the truck running. Damn it. So I went from there to serving a class reunion at the firehall. Then yesterday morning I again woke up at 7am (which is earlier than when I work) and returned to the firehall to make applebutter. All was going well until we were pouring it into jars. Then it happened. Stupid me I was holding the jar pouring boiling hot applebutter into it when I got it on my thumb. See gross photos now:

It's not as bad as it looks but it has a hell of a big blister since last night. there were 2 but it morphed overnight into 1 big one. Im going to look online to see if it's ok to pop it cuz it hurts to bend it. So going to get off the chair and get myself ready to go for lunch with the "Slavs" who consist of Grandma, Aunt Paula, and Great-Aunt Theresa. So wish me luck on the blister.

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