Wednesday, October 22, 2008

and... back to work

So after 2 days of being sick I went back to work today. OF course there were 2 cars waiting for me at 850. One of whom said "oh must be nice to have a day off work", mind you he is retired so he dosent work and he has no idea why the hell I wasent at work yesterday. I hate people that jump to conclusions. Other than that ... I feel great. I think since I can't really say this was the stomach flu I will take it as Gods way of telling me to chill out and take a day off work. So I am doing a little of everything tonight. Came home to some leftovers that B made last night, made a little scarf (not really happy how it turned out though), put my summer shoes away :*( , and put a few other things away. I need to start working on some things for a craft show on the 2nd at the CU club. So now Im going to chill and watch some "Whatever Martha". Oh and by the way I finally decided on a costume for Saturday night!!!! Amy Winehouse! I got the "rehab" wig and will be putting on several tattoo's and topping off the outfit with track mark lines. I am really hoping that I can find a bar to go sing karaoke at and sing some Amy. So found a new episode of Whatever Martha so see you later!

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