Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

So it is finally Sunday and I am chilling out already. I had a busy weekend. Friday night Sissy, Bex , and I went to Pitt to see Lisa Lampanelli down at the Byham. Weather aside we had a very good time. We went to dinner at Rolands in the strip then headed down to the show, but not before going to the Rennaisance hotel for a pre-show drink. Then Saturday morning I went to work (not sure why) then the parents and I went to Pitt (again) to see Jersey Boys. WOW. can I just say it was a freakin awesome show. They said the "F" work a few times, but all in all the music and story were great. I thought I was going to have a problem with the woman behind me, during the first song she started singing, and I was all like "oh no she isn't" but she stopped. Then we headed home and I was in my pj's in record time. I included some pics on my facebook if anyone gets on there. So I am quite content with staying home and chilling out for the day with my boys.

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