Thursday, February 5, 2009


So as my last post stated I would let you know if my "Black Man" was playing hockey. Sadly he was not. I am not sure what has happened to him. Unfortunately the Penguins lost to them Tuesday night , but then last night the came back fro being down 3-1 to tie and to win the game in overtime thanks to Geno!!! So hopefully this will give them the kick in the butt that they need to get some more points and get up in the standings. As for today I am eating my lunch and then have a couple of appointments coming in . woopee! . not. Can't wait to get home and watch Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy tonight!!! For being like -50* out there sure is alot of people out. I think the sunshine is fooling them into thinking it's warmer out. silly old farts. STAY HOME. word to your mother.

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