Monday, December 8, 2008


So it is 916am on Monday and I am at Panera Bread! Brandon got up earlier than I thought he was supposed to and not getting back to sleep I decided to get up and get my day going. I have to pick up Dawson after school so I thought that I would come to Butler and get some shopping done for Christmas. I left the house about 720 and did some dumpster diving but came up empty handed. So feeling hungry and needing to email sister I am sitting here with my Latte and bagel, and thought I would update the blog. Yesterday was a VERY productive day. I attempted to sleep in but that failed at 715, (of course I went to sleep ap 945 sat night) so off I was. I decorated the tree, baked cookies,did laundry,cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and folded and put away clothes all b4 lunch. So after that I just chilled and watched tv. So I have been knitting scarves like crazy and think I have twice the amount that I need for the family. oops. I am going to make a hat for Dawson that has a mohawk down the center Here's a pic

i think I'll make black with blue or purple hair. I will definately be making one for myself also! Found the pattern so I am in good shape. Scarves on hold and watch out FauxHawk!! So I'm going to pack up and head to Target and see what's there. I will post a pic of the first hat as soon as I am done with it. Happy Shopping and Good Day.

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