Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday has arrived.......urgh

So it is 855 am and I have been at work for almost an hour already. I decided that since I have a short week anyways that I would come to work 8-5 Tuesday and Wednesday. So here I am. The weekend was crazy and glad it's over. Saturday I was at the shop from 8-530 then Sunday I went to Greensburg with Denise to a big craft show. We left at 7am and got home at 7pm. I sold enough stuff to pay for my table and thats about it. I got some serious Christmas shopping done though. Then on the way home we decided to go Dumpster Diving. We scored 5 bags of big ass chunks of foam from Linens and Things, 5 promo video game posters from a game store, 50 halloween cards from Hallmark, and the best for last... 5 large glass canisters with lids (like the old candy stores have) from Big Lots! We were not prepared in the least for diving but did what we could, and had fun doing it. So did some more shopping yesterday and got some redding up at the house done also. Brandon is coming home tonight from his Bear trip. No one at the camp even saw one , I actually dont think that they went out though. So Im going to pull out the old knitting now and occupy myself until some old fart comes for a haircut.

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