Tuesday, November 18, 2008

whats on for today??

So it has been a week since I last posted and I sincerely apologize for it. Last week seemed to go very fast and I'm glad that it is over. I now sit in my comfy "ladies chair" at work and reflect on the past few days.
Anything exciting happen???
I like to think my life is soooo hectic and exciting that everyone would be envious but when it really comes down to it it's pretty damned boring. Saturday was actually pretty exciting, I worked till 1130 (which is unheard of) then scooted down to Natrona Heights and got to watch my husband get his 3/4 sleeve tattoo worked on. Don't ask me for photos yet because he dosen't want anyone to see till it's all done. I love tattooing !! (in case you didnt' know I have 5 tattoos) I just love the sound and the artistic flow that goes on there.I would LOVE to work at one sometime in my life, even if it's just answering the phones.
So then after that we headed to the firehall for the Firehouse Comedy Tour. there were 2 comedians the 2nd which was HILARIOUS! I actually was afraid to drink my beer in fear that it would spew out of my nose or mouth. Then Sunday Denise and I did a craft show out in Kittanning Twp. Didnt sell much ( not that I ever do) but we had fun and it was a day out of the house. Now things are a little less crazy. Tonight I have ladies auxiliary meeting at the firehall and it is elections!! I am up for President. Brandon asked me last night "Why do you want to be president?" I said , "Hell I pretty much do everything there anyhow how much work can it be.
So I will post later tonight wether or not I get it. I only have 1 other person to really run against me and I dont think that many people like her, there is another woman running but considering that she never shows up for anything I know no one will vote for her. I am a natural born leader and think I could seriously kick some ass as President.
Ok Im off the soap box now. So Im going to get the shop cleaned up and hopefully get home before my husband leaves for the hockey game tonight.(boo)

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