Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Years Resolution

So it seems that my last few New Years Resolutions have been (like most Americans) to lose weight/get in shape. Now I could insert my sarcasm and say that round is a shape, but I won't. My resolution is to blog. I find that Facebook does relieve some stress, but when I really want to go on and on it becomes a problem. I vow to you (whoever you are) that I will blog on a regular basis. I would like to say that I'll do it everyday but that will never happen. I may even try my hand at progect 365, if your not familiar you basically just take a picture everyday for a year. Warning on cold wintery days when I don't leave the house this means you'll see lots of pictures of my dogs. So being that this is the 2nd of January , I guess I've already screwed up. lol Cheers to a new year!